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  1. Debbie Natasha’s mom says:

    You are way to hard on yourself … you have always been hard working and ambitious …. plus you forget I taught you to pay yourself first from your very first job you started to save from each pay check xxx 😘 hey we can all start over just one rsp at a time look at your mom I was 52 before I got to buy my own house on my own whoopee we can do it baby girl xxxxxx


  2. Stacy Carvalho R says:

    Girl, you are a rock star!
    And a smart woman, not even I have a financial advisor!! Lol! I would never have made it through a Mac without your help 😉 and still need it! 😃 so you must be doing SOMEthin’ right!!
    I love this blog! The cabs at NoFrills is so true! Lol
    Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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